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SPARQL Queries

Kurdish Wikibase

Kurdish Wikibase Ontology Classes

This query lists Kurdish Wikibase Ontology Classes and their instances. Note that classes built in by default in a Wikibase, like e.g. ontolex:LexicalEntry, are not listed here.

PREFIX kwb: <>
PREFIX kdp: <>

select ?class ?classlabel (group_concat(concat(strafter(str(?instance),""),":",?instancelabel)) as ?instances) where {
 ?class kdp:P5 kwb:Q1; rdfs:label ?classlabel.
  optional{?instance kdp:P5 ?class; rdfs:label ?instancelabel.}
  } group by ?class ?classlabel ?instances

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Kurdish Wikibase properties are found on this list. Also here, default properties, like e.g. ontolex:sense, are not listed.

Lexemes and Senses

Languages / language varieties

Returns a bubble chart representing amounts of lexemes in different languages.


select ?language ?languageLabel (count(?lexeme) as ?count) where {
  ?lexeme a ontolex:LexicalEntry;
          dct:language ?language.
  ?language rdfs:label ?languageLabel. filter(lang(?languageLabel)="en")}
group by ?language ?languageLabel ?count

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